Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As It Was, Is, and Will Be

"Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost; as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever will be."--Gloria Patri, a traditional Christian hymn

The Gloria Patri, an ancient hymn, contains a good reminder of the fact that God does not need us. It provides us with a chance to laud our Lord, but focuses on the fact that God has been glorified since time began, and will be glorified long after we live on this earth. He doesn't need us to glorify Him. What did Jesus say? If we are silent, the very rocks will cry out glory to God. If we stop glorifying God, our lives may lose their meaning, but God will not lose His glory.

This shows God's love on the Cross to be amazing. The Gospel is not a "God scratches our back, we scratch His" kind of thing. He needs no one to scratch His back. But, regardless of His perfect state of glory, He decided to love us and give Himself for us. Through glorifying God, we can live fulfilling lives. We praise Him because we need to, not because He needs us to.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

On Blogging

Blogging presents a unique challenge. Speaking comes naturally--once a baby learns to speak the hardest thing to do is shut them up! While speaking, words flow like water. We use many, many words to communicate ideas. Also, in face-to-face communication, we use body language and gestures to get our point across. This works out great: we can communicate complicated ideas well.

Bloggers do not have these benefits. First, blog posts must be short or readers will skip them. Second, there is no body language. To put our ideas into a blog is like trying to force a fire hose through a funnel.

But, blogging also presents a unique opportunity. No matter how loud I yell, only a few people can hear me. But, open up my laptop and the whole world becomes my potential audience. Also, writing requires me to focus my thoughts. In so doing, writing serves to hone my ideas and self-edit my blog posts.

If you're not a blogger, but just a reader: did you know there's a right way to read blogs? (1) Understand that the blogger has more knowledge and opinion than he or she is sharing--there just is not room to show it. (2) Don't be afraid to use the comments section to hash out ideas. Question the blogger, ask for clarification, present your own opinion, correct facts, or simply give an amen.

Thanks to all my readers. You make it worth it for me to do this. I hope my blog serves you well.