Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Are you living for eternity?

Mackenzie brought up a great subject on Xanga the other day. To paraphrase her post, she commented on how much she could read the Bible if she used the time that she normally used posting on Xanga or Myspace. This was very convicting to me, and since I read that post, I've been examining my life to see what unnecessary, unedifying activities I routinely invest my time in. I've identified a major problem, the Internet. I can waste hours every day reading blogs and articles, watching Youtube videos and posting on Xanga. While the internet can be very useful-indeed, blogs run by people such as Al Mohler or the Harris brothers can be very edifying-most of the time I spend on the Internet is wasted time. Do I really need to watch the treadmill dance again? Is it worth a couple hours of my time to read up on recent health and science advances? As Christians, we have a higher purpose than earthly pleasure and knowledge. In eternity, we will not be quizzed on who was in rehab in 2007. At the judgment seat, it will not matter if you had 20 thousand friends on Myspace. Again, God doesn't care if you have read half of Wikipedia.
Consider this fact: the all-powerful God who created the universe not only became human, but laid down his life in a disgraceful, humiliating death because he loved us so much. When we examine this sacrifice, is it such a sacrifice of our own to take the time to commune with and honor God?


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themaboys said...

AMEN BROTHER!!!! PREACH IT!!! I'm not even kidding man, you are so right. Thanks for the reminder; I need to do a better job of focusing on the eternal value of my actions and doing what He wants rather than what I want. You have hit a serious spiritual truth. I'm proud of you, seriously. Keep seeking Him. God bless bro,
P.S.-Let me know about Thursday and details and such when you have time. Thanks! :)