Monday, March 12, 2007

Escape from Reason

I was reading Francis Schaeffer’s "Escape from Reason" the other night, when I stumbled upon this nugget: “Today we have a weakness in our educational process in failing to understand the natural associations between the disciplines. We tend to study all our disciplines in unrelated parallel lines. This tends to be true in both Christian and secular education. This is one of the reasons why evangelical Christians have been taken by surprise at the tremendous shift that has come in our generation. We have studied our exegesis as exegesis, our theology as theology, our philosophy as philosophy; we study something about art as art; we study music as music, without understanding that these are things of man, and the things of man are not unrelated parallel lines.

This may be the high point of Schaeffer’s insightful tutorial in modern philosophy. One of his recurrent themes in his writings is that of the interconnectedness of art and philosophy, but he describes his position best in "Escape from Reason".

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