Sunday, April 29, 2007

Are you readying yourself for the turn?

In his book Money, Possessions and Eternity, Randy Alcorn writes:

"Someday this upside down world will be turned right side up, and nothing in all eternity will turn it back again. If we are wise, we will spend our brief lives on earth positioning ourselves for the turn."

This deserves some attentive thought and application. If this is true, and the world will soon be turning upside down, we should be "standing on our heads" so as to be ready for the flip. Could we "stand on our heads" by following Jesus' commands? Absolutely. Can we forsake the world, spread the Gospel, and love our neighbors for this reason? Of course. And not only can we apply God's Word so as to be storing up reward in heaven; we should be.

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themaboys said...

ditto dude...
i agree. hey, nice post. (:
so, how ya been lately?? i haven't really talked to you in a while. anyway, i hope you're doing well and i will talk to you soon!! later bro!