Friday, April 13, 2007

Worship: What is it?

This is gonna be more of a discussion-type post. I'm intrigued by various Christian's views on worship, and I'd love to get your input. I myself think worship is a great way to glorify God. I've noticed, though, that some people, especially young people my age and younger, are unimpressed by the importance of worship. The best short treatise on worship, in my opinion, is the Westminster's Catechism's question: What is our purpose? The answer is: To glorify God and enjoy him forever. (Note: I may have not exactly quoted that correctly, it's been awhile since I've read it) "To glorify God and enjoy him forever." What better way of doing that can there be than worship?

I'd appreciate all comments on this post. I think it's a great topic.


themaboys said...

worship when done correctly is great. I think too often, Christians close their eyes, lift their hands, and more their lips, but don't actually worship God. I think a lot of it can be just a show. Saying "Oh, oh, oh" 50 times i don't think is really worshiping God, but hey, i could be wrong. I think you definitely need to understand and think about and really mean the words you sing. Also, we can worship God through how we live our everyday life. worship is not always singing. Anyway, these were just some quick ideas i had about the topic. alright, i hope you're doing well (by the way, how are you? long time no see), have a great weekend, and i will talk to you later. Peace out bro!!


themaboys said...

Pastor Ed was talking for just a little bit about this yesterday. He pointed to Ephesians 5:18-21:

18 And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit,
19 speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord,
20 giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
21 submitting to one another in the fear of God.