Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hate Your Sin

God hates sin. The word hate is very strong, but this is true. God hates sin.
God killed the entire clan of Korah, banished the Israelites to captivity, and currently damns millions to Hell because of sin.
Our job is to be like Christ. Since Christ is God, and God hates sin, Christ hated sin. Since Christ hated sin, we should hate sin.
Our job is to seek out and destroy sin. This involves meditating on God, his supremacy, and his saving grace.
I see what I have to change. My whole life, I've never given a thought to how much God hates sin. Now, I must change my ways.
I have tried to mortify sin because I didn't like it, but never because God hated it. Now, I will mortify sin because God hates it.

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themaboys said...

true dat, brother. (: it's hard to hate sin, but you're totally right, that's exactly what we have to do...