Friday, December 28, 2007

The Danger of Sin

Recently, I've been rereading John Owen's The Mortification of Sin.  John Owen (1616-1683) was a masterful Puritan theologian who wrote many books that not only exegete Scripture, but also provide valuable insights into the human heart.  Yesterday, this passage on the danger of allowing a sin to remain in your heart jumped out at me.

"Sin will grow a light thing to thee; thou wilt pass by it as a thing of nought: this it will grow to, and what will be the end of such a condition?  Can a sadder thing befall thee?  Is it not enough to make any heart to tremble, to think of being brought into that state wherein slight thoughts of sin, slight thoughts of grace, of mercy, of the blood of Christ, of the law, heaven and hell, should come all in at the same season?  Take heed; this is that thy lusting is working towards; even to the hardening of the heart, searing of the conscience, blinding of the mind, stupefying of the affections and deceiving of the whole soul."

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