Sunday, January 20, 2008

Christianity and Economics

In my macroeconomics class last Wednesday, I was taught this: The fundamental principle of economics is scarcity.  Scarcity is a term used by economists to describe the fact that everyone has infinite wants, but there is a finite amount of resources to satisfy those wants. Though we may be content, we can always think of one more thing which we think would bring us satisfaction and happiness.  However, we simply don't have the resources we would need to obtain all these things.  Therefore, there is scarcity.

But, for the Christian, there is no scarcity.  How can I say this?  I believe God created us to be infinitely satisfied in Him alone.  Yes, we have infinite wants.  God created us to be satisfied with nothing less than infinity--Himself.  However, after the Fall, mankind was separated from God.  We now try to satisfy our infinite desire with the finite things of this world.  But this is impossible!  Mathematically, a finite amount is always less than infinity.  So, there is scarcity for the unsaved.  But the Good News of Jesus Christ allows us to have communion with God--to be satisfied completely by Him.  Because of his salvation, we have (a) His [infinite] Spirit filling us and giving us happiness in Him, and (b) a hope of Heaven, where we will never stop enjoying God and receiving satisfaction from his [infinite] glory.  So, our infinite desire is infinitely satisfied in the infinite Lord.


themaboys said...

that's good man. our infinite wants are satisfied by the infinite soul-hole-filler...Jesus Christ... Amen bro!! (:


Ben said...

lol that was good stuff man, I got to read Honey out of the Rock