Friday, March 14, 2008

Desperate Running

But Peter rose and ran to the tomb; stooping and looking in, he saw the linen cloths by themselves; and he went home marveling at what had happened.--Luke 24:12

When news of Jesus' resurrection reached the disciples, Peter was the first to investigate this report.  Not only that, but he ran to the tomb.  Why did Peter, a man of weak faith who had just days before denied Jesus, set out for the tomb first?  Why did Peter run to the tomb?

I believe he did this because he was out of options.  He knew that he was a sinner; after his denial of Jesus, when he saw Jesus and heard the rooster crow, he wept bitterly.  After Jesus' death, he must have despaired of his life.  He had denied the Messiah.  He had rejected the Son of the Most High God.  He knew the punishment that he deserved: death.  Early Sunday morning, though, he heard of the Jesus' victory over death.  Desperately, he ran to the tomb.  Desperately, he flew through the streets of Jerusalem.  He had no hope outside of Jesus.  Could it be true that Jesus was alive?  Peter was not left in his despair and mourning.  When he "saw the linen cloths by themselves," he marveled at Jesus' resurrection.

Like Peter, we are desperate people.  We have no hope outside of Christ.  We have nailed the Messiah to the Cross.  We have flogged His back without mercy.  We have mocked His name; we have speared His side; we have crucified Him with our sin.  We have denied Him and have been ashamed of our faith.  We have looked elsewhere for satisfaction and worshipped other gods.  For these sins, we deserve eternal torment.  We can only despair at what we have done.  But, like Peter, our despair ends when we desperately run to Jesus.  Let us run to Jesus and put all our trust in Him; let us find true happiness in His gospel.

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Ben said...

Oh, I'm so glad u blogged about this, man. I love that story, and I never would have thought about it the way u put it here so thx.
I liked your 1 min sermon today on this that was great... ...I don't know y people were ganging up on me for not bringing snacks and not on u for NOT SPEAKING!
meh, whatever...
to bad we couldn't find the "bald head" story...