Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Cross-Centered Book

In the foreword to C.J. Maheney's Living the Cross Centered Life, Dr. Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, writes, "The book you now hold in your hands is nothing less than a manifesto for turning your world upside down."  I have to agree with Dr. Mohler--this book aims at nothing less than shaking the very foundation of your life.

The subtitle to this book is "Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing."  C.J.'s passion, which is clearly seen in Living the Cross Centered Life, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He wants each reader to walk away from his book with a fresh focus on the Cross and a new passion for the Gospel.

Throughout the book, two things show up again and again.  One is C.J.'s humility.  C.J. is a nationally known minister who leads a movement of 75 churches.  His books are popular, his leadership is admired--he has every reason to be proud of his accomplishments.  But, again and again C.J. writes of his sin being poured out on Jesus.  Without wallowing in his shame, he humbly shares his struggles with sin and glories only in Jesus Christ.

The second recurring theme of this book is Jesus in our place.  Jesus suffered in our place.  Jesus took our iniquity in our place.  Jesus died in our place.  This book is like a giant neon sign that points to the Cross.  C.J. dives deep into the Passion of Christ and reveals the great glory of the Cross.  This book is a modern theological/pastoral masterpiece; I highly recommend it.

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Ben said...

yeah, dude, C.J is so humble. It was great listening to him that year I was in Maryland.

u should do that review at church like Mrs. Marshall did. u know to get people interested