Saturday, April 19, 2008

David Wells on the Spirit and the Word

From an interview on The A-Team Blog. . . ."The work of the Holy Spirit in Scripture is tied to the Word written and the Word living. The work of the Holy Spirit is to illumine the Scripture he inspired in the first place and, second, to apply the work of Christ to people today. So, in this sense, the work of the Spirit coincides with the work of Christ. Why else would Scripture speak of the Spirit is the “Spirit of Christ” or “his Spirit”? When people start ascribing to the Spirit their own internal intuitions, senses about life, desires, and yearnings, they will soon find themselves adrift if they have not asked themselves two questions: first, have I checked what I am sensing against the (objective) revelation of God’s Word? Second, is what I am sensing leading me to a deeper understanding of, and more faithful service to Christ? If we have no answers to these questions, let us speak no more about the “Spirit”doing this and doing that!"

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Ben said...

wow, man, the week I'm gone is the week u decided to post-a-ton! wow, i had to go back and read them all...

all good stuff, I like the idea of the church being a gym. I was actually just trying to think of something like that for say Christians the don't go to church and think it's all fine. Now, I have a great analogy, thx.

I really liked these past posts, you have bible truths all over the place. Something that I thought was interesting was you had stuff about teachings u heard at the Master's Collage and then stuff about the Holy Spirit.

well, as usual great posts..keep on doing them because in this way u actually build up the church.