Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

Last night was historic: a Black man was elected (by a landslide) to the most powerful position in America. How should Christians respond to this event?

1) With prayer. Prayer for President-elect Obama, prayer for our federation, prayer that the Gospel will spread during his reign. (Yes, I use the term reign in regard to presidents.)

2) With hope. President-elect Obama is a smart man who has great potential to benefit America. Not only that, but we can have real hope that we have put the stain of racism behind us. His pro-abortion positions are morally repulsive but thanks to the beauty of the Constitution, his power to apply those positions is very weak. It appears that Republicans (the more consistently but not perfectly pro-life party) will keep over 40 seats in the Senate. With more than 40, they can kill liberal legislation with a filibuster. There is no need to cry, "Save us, God!"--any more than usual, at least.

3) With a change in direction. Support for John McCain by Evangelicals was hypocritical: 8 years ago, he was anathema to conservative Christians. Not only that, it was not support of a great man but futile struggling against Obama. In the next election, we should try working towards pro-life policies, not against pro-death policies.

May God bless America and her new ruler.


Ben said...

I'm glad you said later in your post that we put racism behind us. Your first paragraph was kind of sounding tell me.

"A black man was elected," "How should Christians respond to this event?"

Colin said...

See, there's a great example of a writer not seeing the obvious about his own writing. I meant historic in a good way. We may look back at 11-04-08 the same way we look at say, V-J Day or something like that.

mattymash said...

So true Colin, so very true.

mattymash said...

So true Colin, so very true.

Holly said...

this is an awesome perspective which i cannot help but believe is rght. Obama's whole "lets kill babies because we think they are inconvient and a punishment for unrestrained actions" and other such horrible platforms is indeed repulsive. there are no if's and's or but's. but (:P) it is not the end of the world as we know it. there is hope for obama to unite the counrty in ways no one else can. my dad and i were discussing how the century old predjiduce blacks conveyed by malcious stares has been wiped away. they look at everyone like somthing has been equal; by electing a black president america has proved to them that they are equal for reals. anywhoo...thats what i think. 'mazing post :)

invisible_gurl said...

it's not just his "pro-choice" (I personally prefer the term "pro-death" to avoid confusion) policies and platforms that are scary. Of course, God has a plan for Obama's getting elected but I for one am not all gung-ho about the guy, black or not.
There are a great many reasons why we should be in as near-constant prayer as possible for the future of our nation, whether it holds progress or decline.

Colin said...

Emily, I too prefer the term "pro-death" but, as it's not the common term, tend to use "pro-choice."