Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Note to Readers

Dear Reader,

First of all, thank you for reading A Man in a Box. You are a special person [literally, you're probably one of four who read this :-) ].I have found this blog to be very helpful in organizing my thoughts and I hope that you have profited some small amount from listening to my random musings. Now, however, I have two small favors to ask of you. (1) Comment! It may sound vain, but I'd like to know how many people read my blog, and I'd also like to have more meaningful debate over my posts. If you love a post, say so. If you think I've gone completely crazy, tell me so. "Rate it even if you hate it." (2) If you wouldn't mind, please inform me when you find a typo. Nothing distracts me as much from a blog post as finding a typo. If it does the same to you, you can join forces with me in my typo-sweeping endeavours and eradicate typos in this end of the blogosphere. Once again, thanks for reading and may God bless you!

Colin Moore


Ben said...

Is this some kind of a subtle hint about the spelling on my blog? Offense not taken, my friend.

Colin said...

No, my friend. I haven't found any typos on you blog recently [doesn't mean they're not there--I'm probably just blind :)]. Besides, I'm not that subtle. :P

themaboys said...

Haha, splelign tpyos dotn bohter me taht muhc. :p
But seriously, I appreciate your posts. I try to read them when i can and they usually make me think a good deal. thanks bro! hope you're well!