Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jackson Hole! Part 1

On Friday (10/2), a team of The Master's College students and I drove through the night to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is a tourist hot spot not far from Idaho in the We're here to support Cornerstone Church, a church plant led by a Master's Seminary graduate named Eric Davis. I'll try to post about our doings on this blog every night that I can.

Saturday, we took a short break after driving, then headed straight off to the forests to fell trees and chop wood. In between chainsawing forty-foot lodgepole pines and hauling multiple cords of bucked (cut to size) pieces, we shot clay pigeons with a shot gun and admired the view of the Grand Tetons.

Today, we had a great opportunity to show the love of Jesus to the community here in The West Bank, a section of Jackson Hole. Cornerstone sponsored a "Community Day" where anyone in the community could request the church to send workers for manual labor or other tasks. I got to spend three or four hours cutting and chopping wood for a neighbor of the Davises, my host family. As we were splitting wood, I had the thought "This is the gospel's best apologetic." Doubt that the gospel is true? You can't deny that there are three men in your yard working for free on a Sunday morning that could be more enjoyably spent on the sofa. Jesus' salvation continues to touch nonbelievers personally every day through the works of His people. And these works cannot be scoffed at or disbelieved. Our love for others proves God's love for sinners.

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Ben said...

Yes! Great work Colin, teach those trees and clay pigeons whose boss! ... I mean keep up the work for the glory of God! AND show those people whose your boss. :D