Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jackson Hole! Part 4

Goodbye, Jackson Hole. I have had perhaps the best week of my life here these past days. Chopping wood, giving it away, moving furniture, and all of this work for Jesus has changed my outlook on life to a Kingdom-centered view of my life. I am God's child, Jesus' sheep, the Holy Spirit's temple. I have no right to my own life. My whole life ought to be filled with work for the Kingdom of God. I came to Jackson Hole to teach its residents how they ought to follow God, and instead learned how I ought to follow my Lord. Praise be to God, the Infinite, Preexistent, Preeminent, Glorious, Eternal, Sovereign, Mighty, Benevolent, Gracious, and Just King.


Al Moore said...

Glad the week was so enlightening . . . we all need weeks like that where God is revealing Himself to us in new and deeper ways.

Drive safely!


Ben said...

Amen! God seems to work in different ways than what we assume. God is sovereign; keeps us humble.