Monday, November 30, 2009

Does the Bible Frighten You?

"A Christian must always be frightened by the Bible, because it makes demands of him that only a saint could even come close to meeting and that no saint ever believes he has met."

--John Mark Reynolds, in his liveblog on Sarah Palin's new book.

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Talon5 said...

I'm not frightened by the bible. I'm frightened by people that believe in it.

All religions are nothing more than archaic old myths. All primitive cultures have had their "creation myths" wich over the centuries, have evolved into the world's current religions. All are just old myths and made up stories.

If there IS a supreme, ultimate being/creator, god etc. It is unknowable. Anyone who pretends to know what such a being wants or claims to know the nature of such a being is living in a fantasy world.

You cannot rely on millenia-old myths, written by primitive, superstitious cultures to tell you anything real about anything. To do so is ludicrous