Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prof J's Dating Paradigm

Today was an interesting day in my history class. My very colorful professor, Jeff Jensen (he asked us to call him Prof J), always puts on a show, but today was special. After giving a tough quiz, he turned to the subject of dating. He pronounced that the dating culture at The Master's College is all wrong. Here's his paradigm for dating:

1. Back off! Don't assume that other people are dating and don't pressure others to move too quickly in relationships.

2. Be realistic. Pursue love, not romance (here he quoted Bono's "Man and a Woman"--the pop culture references he made throughout the talk were hilarious).

3. Be holy. Don't act like the world in your dating.

4. Be mature. Communicate with people honestly and openly. We're adults; we can act like them now.

His main point was to marry your best friend. That's what he did, and that's what he thinks everyone should do. So, what do you think? Is Prof J right? Should we marry our best friends or is there an element of romance which ought to be present?


Laural said...

Who's to say you can't marry your best friend and have romance, too?

Daniel said...

Maybe that best friend is the same sex as you? That seems possible, but is obviously a perversion of God's standard. My roommate says his girlfriend is his best friend, and I believe that to be true. They are open to one another and love seeing each other pursue God and grow in their spiritual walk, and ask each other the hard questions. Perhaps romance drives this pursuit of genuine love.

I've never been this close in age and in proximity to this sort of relationship, and it's good to see an example where the couple seeks after God in the relationship above all.