Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 Blogging

As we move into 2008, I am hoping to post more frequently.  However, I am not a pastor or a preacher, and I definitely don't apply as well as I would like to.  Sometimes, I think to myself, "Colin, you're not qualified to write on anything."  And it's true, I'm not an expert in anything.
But, as a fellow pilgrim with my brothers and sisters in Christ, I am called to build them up in any way I can.  One way I believe I can do that is by sharing what the Lord has been teaching me.  As part of my Bible reading plan this year, I am hoping to make in-depth studies of short passages--analyzing, hopefully understanding, and applying God's Word to my life.  As I find the nuggets of pure spiritual gold packed into Scripture, I hope to share them with my friends. 
My next series of posts will be on Romans 8, which I am currently memorizing.  After that, I hope to embark on a study of Biblical time management.  My prayer for this year is that I can humbly build up my brothers with the little understanding God has given me.

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Ben said...

dude, disneyland was so awesome!!
soooo glad I got a pass...

yeah, dude, thnx for blogging I know it builds people up..well it builds me up

and nice way to take the humble approach